And in more disturbing news

DisneyThere’s this . Something I’ve always feared. I suppose it’s just like shark attacks. Yeah, statistically they might happen only a few times per year, but I’m still a little cautious every time my toes hit the water. And, while I’m thinking about that, is it the media’s fault? Do we overdo such things?

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  1. Kavita

    I’m of the mindset that the less frequently something occurs, the more newsworthy it is when it does. If sharks attacked people every day, no one would take notice. Kind of like when covering cops at a newspaper no one gives a damn about a domestic disturbance call. I was told to ignore a stabbing b/c it looked like it happened at a residence and so likely was a domestic issue. They happen too often for anyone to care, and we’d fill our pages with them if we did cover it.

    Remember when there was a story about a bombing in Iraq in the major newspapers every day? Or that stretch when there seemed to be a suicide attack in Israel every few hours? There still are bombings every day in Iraq, but even I’m tired of reading the same story with different details. The NY times still seems to cover the minutia (if you can call it that) of the war every day, but who reads it? It’s almost too normal, too much an every day occurrence to garner any attention.

  2. Andrew

    Most of us are pretty bad at thinking about risk, it seems. Even though you’re probably much more likely to drown in a swimming pool than die on a roller coaster, I’m sure my gut would tell me to be much more worried about the latter. Something about giving up control is scary.

    And Ryan, why worry about sharks when there are venomous, carnivorous sea snails to worry about?

  3. I blame Stephen Colbert for my mother’s irrational terror that I will be eaten by a bear.