And they’re off

running of the bullsOnce again, it’s time for the running of the bulls. The annual festival kicked off Thursday in Pamplona, Spain. The festivities consist of nine days of “drinking, drinking, and more drinking” along with a daily running of six 1,500 pound bulls released just behind a scurrying group of festival patrons.

What’s your take on the running of the bulls?

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  1. Anything Hemmingway wrote about must be worthwhile. Wish I was there, albeit not in front of the bulls–I’ll leave that to those both swifter and more bovine-oriented than myself.

  2. Clint

    He was quite masterful in bringing to life the substance-abuse orgy that is the running of the bulls. It would probably be fun to be there, though, like you said (as long as you’re not getting gored).

  3. I was one of a handful of people who did not attend a bullfight or the running of the bulls whilst in Spain. I’m not the world’s craziest animal lover but something about it strikes me as inhumane and unnecessarily cruel. I don’t think that’s what any of those bulls would be doing in a natural setting. My $0.02.

    But, Ted, you’re right — Hemingway did it, that’s fine by me.

  4. Sh*ttedUpon

    Sorry, Clint, but this looks stupid. I only attend festivals of “drinking, drinking and more drinking” that last 10 or more days.

    Speaking of Hemingway, I just finished Old Man and the Sea, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Maybe I should give Ernest another shot.

  5. Clint

    Haha, it is a bit amateur when you put it that way. And I’m glad you’re getting into Hemingway – he’s a great example of a drunken author.

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