Torture Bill put to good use

Attorney General Alberto GonzalesDrawing on the freshly passed Torture Bill, the Bush administration said Monday that Guantanamo Bay prisoners do not have the right to dispute their detentions in civilian courts.

In court documents filed with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, the Justice Department defended the military’s authority to arrest people overseas and detain them indefinitely without access to courts.

It’s the first time that argument has been spelled out since
President Bush signed a law last month setting up military commissions for the thousands of foreigners being held in U.S. prisons abroad.

Human rights groups and attorneys for the detainees say the law is unconstitutional. Prisoners normally have the right to challenge their imprisonment. (Source: AP)


  1. Ian

    I don’t get it. Are we going to kill these guys? Hold them forever til they die? Let them go? And when we let them go, then what? “OK you’re free to go. You’ve been here 3 years now, go try and have a life somewhere.” Do we take em home? People argue, especially Republicans, that the death penalty makes sense financially because it keeps the tax payer from having to pay to keep a convict alive for 50+ years. How does it make any sense to keep these guys for so long? And for all we know, they didn’t really do anything. If they aren’t going to tell the “terrorist” why he’s being held, they should tell the taxpayer at least. We’re told that these guys provide valuable information, but we can’t be told what it is cause it could jeopardize operations. Thats BS. We’re paying for this, people are losing years of their lives, and we can’t even be told why? Who can support this?

  2. Chris

    Not only that, but there are numerous cases where they just have no credible evidence that these people are a danger to us.

    We are holding them as prisoners of war in the war on terror. Think what would happen if we did the same thing with the war on drugs. We’d be holding these people forever, because neither of these wars have a logical end.