Best part of the GOP Debate

During the Republican Presidential Candidate Debate on MSNBC, Thursday, the participants were asked if they did not believe in evolution, Brownback, Tancredo and Huckabee raised their hands:
GOP candidates raising their hands to say they do not believe in evolution
Perhaps they were being incredibly dishonest when they raised their hands, or maybe they really are that stupid. Either way, none of them should ever become president.


Watch the video at Crook and Liars.


  1. Ian

    Even the Pope acknowledged it.

  2. Chris

    [quote comment=”18853″]Even the Pope acknowledged it.[/quote]

    I guess that disqualifies the Pope for running for Republican nomination.

    It’s not really the evolution debate that specifically pisses me off, but this disregard for reason and science is appalling. Is there any wonder that we are falling further behind in education and are losing are our high-tech industry?

  3. Ian

    No the Pope couldn’t be a Republican. They made a big deal about Kennedy being Catholic. Don’t you know that many protestants don’t think Catholics are really Christians? (Worshipping Mary is supposed to be a false idol, forget the fact that technically worshipping Jesus breaks that Commandment too, since he is the son of God, and not God himself. Yes yes, I know people will say they are the same…that’s another debate)

    The more important question: Do they really not believe in Evolution, or are they saying that to court the fundie vote? And really, should we be saying “believe in” when it comes to evolution? Fact shouldn’t require faith. Whether you think we evolved from monkies or not, it is fact that life does change its genetic code over time to adapt to its surroundings (you can actually see this in bacteria on a short time scale). You can maybe argue about when evolution started (for now, until the theory is all laid out), but I am not sure you can argue its existence. If they can’t recognize fact, then they are just stupid. If they are pandering to the stupid, then they are just soulless and stand for nothing. Neither of which deserves a vote.

    And honestly, as if any of those guys could win with those names…

    Brownback… you honestly think conservatives would vote for someone who’s name sounds like a cross between a racial slur for latinos and the color of black people?

    Tancredo… “President Tancredo” just doesn’t sound right.

    Huckabee… ahaha Huckabee sounds like some sort of children’s character, not to mention there was that movie…