Can a ‘surge’ last forever?

Iraq in a nutshellThe propaganda masters at the White House labelled the 20,000 troop escalation in Iraq the “surge.” The “surge” doesn’t evoke memories of Vietnam and it also implies that it’s temporary.

To build on the illusion of the “surge” as temporary, General Petraeus told us in April that “in early September” he “would provide an assessment of the situation in Iraq with respect to our mission and offer recommendations on the way ahead.”

This line of thinking has also beenechoed by Republicans in Congress. Their rhetoric has given sane American’s hope that if things don’t improve by the end of the year, perhaps the United States can start pulling out of Iraq.

But not too fast guys, General Petraeus now says, “Come September, I don’t think we’ll have anything definitive in September (although) certainly we’ll have some indicators on the political side in Iraq.”

When you realize that the goal of the Bush administration is to stay in Iraq forever, it all starts to make sense. The constantly shifting deadlines, Bush’s continued proclamations of progress, the construction of military super-bases, the construction of the largest U.S. embassy ever, and on and on.

Bush was right when he said long ago that the mission was accomplished. We’re there and that’s all Bush wants. Well, that and oil.