Democracy at work; the war continues

The war funding bill, that ensures more death and destruction in Iraq (mostly for the Iraqis), was approved by Congress Thursday night. The bill contains no timetable for withdrawal, only optional benchmarks for the Iraqi government.

The Democrats total capitulation on this issue is nothing short of an abdication of their responsibility to represent the American people, who overwhelmingly support ending this war, and think that it is already doomed to failure.

As for why the Democrats decided to hand another blank check to the President, there are two possibilities. Both are equally damning. Either they are playing political games with the lives of the Iraqis and the lives of Americans in the hope gaining more power in future elections, or they agree with the need to continue this highly immoral war in Iraq but have been forced to pay lip service to the majority of Americans who are against it.

In case you missed Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment about this topic Wednesday night, you can watch it here:
Read the transcript at Crooks and Liars.


  1. Celeste

    You can clearly see that shows the best candidates for the dems are the ones against the war and for the reps for the war. So polarized.

  2. Andrew Myers

    Whether the American people like it or not, the Democrats can’t make the President withdraw without Republican help, which they weren’t going to get with cutting funds or establishing a timetable. Call it “capitulation” if you want, but the Democrats had nothing to gain by forcing a veto, and may have actually lost support among wavering Republicans.