Golden domed mosque bombed again

The golden domed mosque was struck again by insurgents, Wednesday, in an apparent attempt to add fuel to the fire of the Iraqi civil war. Two minarets were destroyed in the attack.

In February we noted that it had been a year since insurgents significantly damaged Iraq’s sacred golden domed mosque in Samarra. The first attack on the mosque marked the beginning of a significant uptick in sectarian violence.

From Shaun Mullen of TMV:

…there are indications that the blasts were an inside job and the cordon around the shrine was dropped in order to give the bombers access.

While the shrine is Shiite, Samarra is predominately Sunni. It was Sunni insurgents who took credit for the February 2006 blast at the Golden Dome that kicked long festering sectarian divisions into high gear.

Following the blasts, Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki imposed a curfew in Baghdad until further notice.

Unsurprisingly, ThinkProgress is reporting that blow-back is already occurring:

Four Sunni mosques have been attacked today in apparent retribution for yesterday’s bombing of the Golden Dome Shiite shrine in Samarra

The Mosque of the Golden Dome, before Wednesday’s bombing of the minarets:
The Mosque of the Golden Dome destroyed


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