How the U.S. creates terrorists

How would you like being stuck in Gitmo for an entire year after the Pentagon said you could leave?

From WaPo:

The word came in May 2006: Ali Mohammed Nasser Mohammed, a slight, 24-year-old Yemeni with curly black hair and a wispy beard, would be freed from Guantanamo after more than four years. He got a checkup. His photo was taken, as were his fingerprints. He was measured for clothes and shoes, then offered a meeting with the Red Cross.

As the Pentagon tersely put it later in an e-mail to his attorneys: “Your client has been approved to leave Guantanamo.”

“He never went home,” said Martha Rayner, one of the lawyers.

In the legal netherworld that the U.S. military detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has represented since it was opened in 2002, Mohammed, once a cook for the Taliban in Afghanistan, remains stuck in a limbo of mistaken identities, bureaucratic inertia and official neglect. In the eyes of his lawyers, the young Yemeni’s case is an indictment of a system, still cloaked in the strictest secrecy and largely beyond accountability, in which a man who faces no charge and no sentence remains deprived of the freedom he was granted more than a year ago.

And there are more:

In addition to Mohammed, lawyers say, at least six other Yemenis, and perhaps many more, were cleared for release as long ago as February 2006 but remain imprisoned there.

Colin Powell is right. Close Guantanamo now and put these people into the U.S. justice system.


  1. Ian

    John Edwards says he will close it on his first day in office if elected President. I don’t know how I feel about Edwards, but I wish this was the stance of all upcoming presidential candidates. Was it Romney or Giuliani who said they would double Guantanamo? I just don’t understand why… do we really need to imprison more Taliban cooks or something?

  2. Chris

    I didn’t know Edwards had said that. I really appreciate his stance on a number of issues. Definitely more than Clinton and Obama. At least so far.

    And it was Romney who said he would double Gitmo. That counts as pandering to the “religious” (anti-Arab/Muslim), “conservative” (pro-unlimited government power) Republican base.

  3. only in your world is the US responsible because this guy’s home country won’t let him return home and no other country seems to want him either. Ah, those evil Americans – they pick the guy up, realize he isn’t a terrorist, and rather than lie and leave him in detention, or shoot him claiming he was trying to escape, they admit their mistake and say he can go. Is there no end to this madness?

    Now let’s presume there was no guantanamo – this guy would still be stuck in limbo, with nobody wanting him… so your using him as a poster child for what is wrong with guantanamo falls a bit short. but no matter. you’re right, you know it, and Bush is evil, so logic and facts aren’t that important.

  4. Chris

    How about we give the poor soul a hotel room and provisional citizenship in the U.S. if he wants it?

    After 4 years of screwing him over, I think we owe him at least that much.

  5. Ian

    You know Chris, Steve is right. Bush is a hero, and he was merely picking up another nation’s garbage for them. They clearly don’t want someone who would cook for terrorists. And well, we have some terrorists sitting about in Guantanamo. And we also have a big heart. Who better to instruct the chefs at Guantanamo on how to cook a proper falafel or tabouleh for their guests?

    And we should be giving Bush the Nobel Peace Prize for not having Mr. Mohammed shot and saying he was trying to escape. That’s so what Iran would’ve done, and we aren’t like them. No sir, we are a democracy.

    And Chris, please stop living in your own world. We all know these articles you post on your site we’re written by you. Don’t you feel so sad and alone for being the only person with your opinion? It’s OK Chris, come to our side. We have Jesus, and we have money! You do like Jesus don’t you?