Vonage not so good for 911 calls

Vonage logoWhen you make a VOIP call, using a service like Vonage, to 911 or other emergency services, your VOIP provider sends your address automatically to the emergency operator.

The trouble is that Vonage might send them the wrong address:

However, the day AFTER that frantic 911 call, guess what we found in our email inbox…

Yup, confirmation from Vonage that they accepted our E-911 address settings, again, set to the wrong address. Basically, this means that if we had to dial 911 one day later, paramedics would have had to have been rerouted from the address they were provided when we called in, which is over 10 minutes away, to our home – all thanks to Vonage and their incompetence in designing a fool-proof E-911 system.

Story from Gear Live via The Consumerist.

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  1. Ian

    I’ve never heard anything good about Vonage, and their commercials annoy the crap out of me. Don’t the cable companies offer equivalent service for an equivalent price? Plus they probably know your address well since they are good at sending the bills.

  2. Chris

    I know that Time Warner is about $10 more. But there are some other fees with Vonage that make it seem less attractive.

  3. Ian

    I don’t even have a home phone. I don’t see the point since I just use my cell phone for everything. Yeah its limited by minutes, but I am not making too many calls between 6 am and 7 pm anyways, as I am either asleep or at work. Long distance isn’t extra on a cell phone. You would think with how ubiquitous the cell phone has become, land line phones would be disappearing.

    I dunno, I really just hate Vonage’s commercials and the ugly orange that shows up in everything they are associated with. They can go to hell 😛