‘Special Servings’ at Taco Bell

Taco Bell LogoAn Iowa family has filed a lawsuit alleging their 4-year-old son was served food at Taco Bell that an employee purposefully contaminated with urine and saliva. And to think, they weren’t even charged extra for those “condiments.” That’s service!

The employee, Casey Diedrich, allegedly maintained “special servings” of contaminated food which was reserved for police officers.

File this one under absolutely disgusting… ugh.

You can read more at the Sioux City Journal.



  1. Ian

    Disgusting on which end? They are suing Taco Bell, not the employee or the manager (who have no money). This happened in 2005 but they are suing for future medical expenses and mental/physical anguish. The kid got an upset stomach, not a disease. Granted the Taco Bell employee is messed up and should likely serve some jail time, but these people are just trying to make some money.

  2. agreed with ian