We don’t need allies anyways

Who would you trust more?

This guy?
Putin looking sinister

…or this guy?
George W. Bush

A new Pew Research poll shows that U.S. allies (and yes, even Britain!) put more trust in Russian President Vladimir Putin than they do in George W. Bush.

IMAGE: Pew Poll Graph

Sure, Putin is suspected of poisoning politcal opponents, jailing others and killing journalists (and then there was the really weird time he kissed that random boy’s belly), but at least Putin comes across as mildly intelligent.

So yes, we don’t need allies, we got this:

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  1. I think that’ll change. It’s just that we get more media time b/c we’re on top. I don’t know anyone — uninformed eurotrash or otherwise — that is cozying up to Russia more than us.

  2. Ian

    I like Spain’s mentality.

  3. Chris

    I think if we elect the right president, we could see a huge swing in these types of numbers right away.