Pastor buys adult products with taxpayer dollars

Jimmy Weber, 45, of Sioux City, Iowa was getting ready for some lonely nights. The Des Moines Register says he used the money to buy this:

A home theater surround-sound system; a laptop computer for personal use; accessories for an iPod personal stereo; the books “Pleasure Beach” and “The Kama Sutra;” the CD “Sex Machine” by James Brown; and the DVDs “Ultimate Sexual Massage,” “Forbidden Games,” “Girls Gone Wild,” “Latin Girls Gone Buck Wild” and “Emmanuel’s Intimate Encounters.”

Subscriptions to adult-oriented Web sites; online camera services linked to a Web site with adult content; various pay-per-view movies; the comedy DVD “Git-R-Done” starring Larry the Cable Guy; and a subscription to Creative Knitting magazine.

Creative Knitting magazine?

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  1. Ian

    No silly, he bought it for the second coming. Jesus loves a good party.