Welcome to the new Why We Worry

Hello fellow blog reading public,

This is the new Why We Worry blog (you can still find the old one here), just in time for the Iowa caucuses. The plan is to have a single post relating to something worrisome five days a week, with the comments clearly visible on the main page. The best part about blogs, in my opinion, is the participation of the readers. With that in mind, I plan on putting your opinions front and center.

Also, I’ve created a sidebar feature for random upbeat or comedic features.  Right now it’s called the “Happy Pill.”

As for the look and other features of the website, I’m going to try to keep things sparse so we can focus on actual discussions.  With that said, it is a work in progress, so be patient if you see things change, and as always your suggestions are welcome.

Anyways, thanks for visiting!


  1. Great, it’s nice to see I can chuckle once again at the great mass of economic illiterates that seem to congregate at this site.

  2. Chris

    Glad to have you back Noodles 🙂

  3. Ian

    Did Noodles just call us fat?

  4. Chris

    Probably, he’s tricky that way.