Wednesday Midweek Roundup

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So the Pound Is Worth More than the Dollar? Who cares.

Air travelers get mad in Argentina
When do we get to this point in the US? Or are we all a bunch of suckers to afraid to lash out? Everyone complains but no one knows what to do. Given the current state of the major domestic airlines, I look forward to something like this to happen this year in the US. Unfortunately, given our propensity for military action, they’ll probably shoot the poor saps who try.

Why People Believe Weird Things About Money

What’s Your Consumption Factor?

America’s Secret Places

Move to Arrest Journalist Sparks Backlash in China
Unreported is the general unrest, protests, and small riots that occur daily in various cities throughout China. The place isn’t as stable as people give the Party credit for and the new social imbalances to come will prove a true test.

Greenhouse Ocean May Downsize Fish, Risking One Of World’s Most Productive Fisheries

Dubai to be home to world’s first fashion island
To paraphrase a friend from a conversation last night, “Islamist terrorists accuse -us- of capitalistic excess and moral decline?”

pharmer’s market
Tom hits the nail on the head with his funny graphic. “I preferred it when doctors just prescribed what I needed.”

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  1. Chris

    Oh my. It’s Jordan’s first post.

    I really enjoyed the cartoon by Tom Fishburne, and the article about why we believe weird things about money. Fascinating stuff.

  2. Ian

    I wish our government would quit bailing out shitty airlines who go bankrupt because of stupid business practices. I also wish our government would ease up on the taxes for airline flights and find a way to make the security checks less expensive and more efficient.

  3. Chris

    Agreed. There is a market for air travel, so let it work. As for security checks, the entire system needs to be reworked from the ground up. The most time consuming parts are mostly a show (like the liquids ban), so why are we still doing them?

  4. Cameron

    I thought Dubai already had half a dozen fake islands they’d built. Usually they’re shaped like palm trees, I think.

  5. Chris

    Nothing is as cool as their “World” islands: