Canada weary of torture-happy U.S.

PHOTO: People that seriously love Gitmo

Canada’s government recently put the U.S. on a watch list of countries where prisoners risk being subject to torture. (h/t Andrew Sullivan)

This sort of international reputation can seriously damage our country’s ability to stop the bad guys. What’s the likelihood Canada will let us near one of their prisoners now?

The same is true of other countries that know Bush isn’t very convincing when he insists that America does not torture. Former CIA agents have admitted they’ve waterboarded people, and even if you think those guys are lying, why exactly did the CIA destroy their interrogation tapes of suspected terrorists?

This “debate” over the whether or not waterboarding is torture isn’t helping either. Check out this headline from CBS:

Waterboarding: Interrogation Or Torture?

CBS thinks there is a question about it, but someone forgot to tell the person who wrote the subhead for the same article:

Technique Dates Back To Spanish Inquisition And Has Been Used By World’s Cruelest Regimes

Seriously people, this hasn’t been a question for a long time. America has even sentenced a guy to 15 years of hard labor for waterboarding. There should be government officials in jail for this right now, and if it’s true that Bush or Cheney approved, they should be in jail too. As far as I’m concerned, potentially, this is far worse than Watergate, but you wouldn’t know that by following the news.

Nothing about the situation paints a pretty picture of our government, our press or, quite frankly, our largely acquiescent citizenry. The rule of law and common sense is taking a serious beating, at the expense of what? Revenge? Haven’t we taken giant steps toward becoming that which we purport to hate?

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  1. Ian

    If you could show that they tortured an American citizen (preferably white and sane), then maybe people would be in an uproar. No one here is going to care if they torture some random guy in Iraq. It sucks, and we should be above this garbage, but we aren’t.

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