Bad economy? A self-fulfilling prophecy

PHOTO: Wall Street Bull

The sky is falling! The economy is crashing! You will be broke, homeless and unable to survive! No longer will you be able to afford your consumer goods or get cheap loans for houses and cars you would can’t really afford. You, an American citizen, entitled to a life of plenty and wealth, might have to live within your means. These are desperate times and maybe you will have to begin paying off that credit card debt and stop accruing it. Maybe even those credit companies will hurt and have to cut back on programs at college campuses where they get dumb students to sign up for all sorts of cards in exchange for a t-shirt.


There are scares in certain housing markets in certain states. Those markets are correcting themselves. That’s how economies, hell, how life itself works: by keeping things in balance. Balance and moderation are not words used very often these days in our modern economy. It’s always buy, Buy! BUY!. Trust me, I know, I work for a major national retailer (sorry, being a curmudgeon doesn’t pay the bills). All I hear daily is frantic desperation about how sales are down in retail stores and online and see reactionary actions to “correct” this. Instead of thinking long-term and offering value, people for some reason still have myopic views of not only their small section of the economy but of society and how it interacts with money as a whole.

We have already linked on here to Slate’s take on the coming recession. But saying a recession is coming is a great way for the mainstream news media to actually make it happen. Scare consumers, make them fear that their whole way of life is being challenged. It worked with the “War on Terrorism” didn’t it? Not that there is a direct correlation between the hyped up war, trillion dollar debts, and a struggling economy is there?

America, take a moment. Look around. This is not the Great Depression. Some of you may lose jobs but this world, if you know how to work it, is becoming one of the greatest job markets ever. Our laziness and excess is catching up to us. If you get off your ass, gain knowledge and skills, learn and try and maybe even break a sweat every now and then, you might get out of this whole mess and become even better for it. Hard work, plucky opportunism, luck and education – isn’t this where the American Dream began?

Flickr photo of Wall Street Bull by Christopher Chan


  1. Chris

    being a curmudgeon doesn’t pay the bills
    Not yet… not yet…

  2. Ian

    Can’t become wealthy by spending your money.

    “I’m going to help the economy by buying an American car!”

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