Non-Wednesday Midweek Roundup Vol. I

PHOTO: Rambo poster modified to say “Stallone Sings”

This will be short and sweet.

Hmm, vital link n/w Europe and Singapore passing through ME? We wouldn’t suspect anyone trying to tap those lines would we?

So, another Chinese Food & Health minister to be executed? Seriously, what is going on over there.

Stallone vs Myanmar Junta in real life.

Enter the extremist madrasas to help with directing the minds of young, energetic, disenfranchised youth.

Public radio in trouble; possible halving of their budget by outgoing regime…err presidency

McCain is up; Hillary and Obama have a longer fight ahead it looks like

I like this new, active, concerned France. Here’s the sad thing of it all. Look at a map of Africa. Look at the news of current conflicts there. The whole of Central Sub-Saharan Africa is in open revolt and violence in some form or another. Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, Chad, Congo (both of em) and even the Lake Region nations are still on edge.

Flickr photo by Steve Rhodes