Wednesday Midweek Roundup Vol. IV

PHOTO: Minneapolis I-35W Bridge Collapse

The Race Card — NYT Review: A provocative new book on the current status of race in America by a Stanford law professor.

Why worry about this when the Chinese own all our debt anyways? We’ve given them our purse strings, why not more?

Easier Voting Through Graphic Design
Information architects and graphic and industrial designers have become an important component of our current technological economy, so why can’t we pony up the money to have one of the most important part of public politics, the actual voting itself, become a bit easier?

Paper or Plastic: A Graphical Rundown of pros and cons
Right — choose the multi-use canvas bag, the trees will hug you.

A new book says a Hot Or Not style system could be better for the elections.

Pakistan nuclear staff missing
That’s ok, it was easy enough to catch Osama there wasn’t it? Oh wait… my bad.

Great article in Architect magazine on spending $1.6 trillion to fix America’s infrastructure problems

The Costs of Containing Iran
“But there is a problem: Washington’s containment strategy is unsound, it cannot be implemented effectively, and it will probably make matters worse. The ingredients needed for a successful containment effort simply do not exist. Under these circumstances, Washington’s insistence that Arab states array against Iran could further destabilize an already volatile region.”

Flickr photo of Minneapolis I-35W Bridge Collapse by Tony Webster