The Kosovo Freedom Midweek Roundup

 Flag of Kosovo

Very funny, if relevant, spin on what Russia could do to piss off the US.

US warns Russia not to encourage Georgian separatists — Oh wait, the real shit. Double standard? Why not.

UN Police Quit Destroyed Kosovo Border Post. It’s begun. Enjoy the fires in the night.

UN Peacekeepers Pinned Down in Eritrea. And here we have tens of thousands people who could die in another war over one town. The UN is setting itself quite the precedent this year.

Woman’s dream of bomb results in oil rig evacuation — Terrorism starts in the subconscious

Uk student records to sit in accessible database. Maybe they can put our dreams in databases too one day so that they can look out for more terrorism thoughts.

Sudan welcomes Chinese peacekeepers. Hi China, meet Oil Politics. Oil Politics, meet energy-hungry China. Now change the world and balance of power in Africa and the Middle East. You can get on this too India, if you play your cards right.

US urges reform as Castro quits. Hm, how about the everyone else urge the US reform its pretty idiotic policy that its had for 30 yrs. Then again, Cuba could’ve ended up the Ft Lauderdale or Myrtle Beach of the Caribbean.

Lohan’s NY mag shots or Kosovo’s independence declaration? Which do you think got the most coverage? Which do you think people (in the US at least) paid the most attention to?


  1. Chris

    Okay… I admit it. The first thing I clicked on were the Lindsay Lohan shots…

  2. Ian

    Theres a Family Guy where Peter makes a comment about Debbie Gibson’s photo spread in Playboy. He says something like, “Yeah she’s naked but who gives a shit?” That’s kind of how I feel about the Lohan business. I don’t know, at the end of the day, shes just another skinny young woman whoring for attention. I thought the best spin on the whole thing was here:

    I’m not biting on the Kosovo stuff.

  3. Cameron

    I really wish they’d put UK student records in a database. Maybe then I wouldn’t have to constantly mail off transcripts to companies whose job it is to say that yes, my UK masters degree is equivalent to a US one.