Blowing up stuff in space and other updates

I wrote on Tuesday about the U.S. government’s plan to blow up a dying satellite. According to CNN, that test was successful. Part of me is happy to see all that money we spent on missile defense hasn’t been a total waste. On the other hand, we can now look forward to angry reactions from China and Russia.

I want to reiterate my hopes that this wont spark another extremely wasteful arms race like during the Cold War. We have so many other important things we could be spending our money on: teachers, infrastructure, health care, poverty, etc.


In early January, I wrote about McCain’s desire to see American military forces in Iraq for 100 years. The senator has yet to run away from these comments, no matter how damaging they might be to perceptions of the U.S. in the Muslim world. Wednesday on ABC he went a step further. “The U.S. could have a military presence anywhere in the world for a long period of time,” said McCain. Great.

Unfortunately, there is no reason to think Iraq is the last war we’ll be involved with. So, I don’t mind when McCain talked about the probability of “other wars.” I would, however, appreciate a bit of wishful thinking when it comes to other extended military occupations. They cost a lot in lives and money, and we should seek to avoid them. I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything else from the guy who joked about bombing Iran.


I wrote in late January about a new super-rich Republican 527 group that could make big waves in future elections. Clinton’s rich backers are hoping they can have the same type of effect. They are forming a 527 committee which can use unlimited amounts of money from donors on advertising, as long as they don’t specifically advocate for her. I hope it doesn’t work for them, because being rich shouldn’t automatically equal political clout.

And I don’t mean to pile on Clinton, but her latest attempts at revitalizing her fading campaign appear increasingly desperate. Check out this crappy website her campaign put up. At least Obama is willing to put his name prominently on his fact checking site, you know, instead of hidden at the very bottom.


  1. Ian

    You Obama fanboy.

  2. Chris

    While I don’t think he’s capable of drastically changing our political system, I do think he’d move us in more of the right direction than Hillary Clinton.

  3. Ian

    That’s cool, but your bias is obvious is all I’m saying.