Monday Blogging – 3/10/08

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Our web host, has been having some fun server problems today. I’m gonna try to update this post as often as I can with some of the latest news sprinkled with my commentary.

I just want to go on record and say that Daylight Savings bothers me.

Looks like Governor Spitzer of NY will be resigning shortly

You may have missed the news from this weekend that George Bush vetoed a bill that would ban waterboarding. Is Bush auditioning to become a cartoon villain or what?

John McCain’s daughter chronicles the media relationship with her father:

Oil hits record at $108 a barrel – The key part of this is: “Another factor pushing up prices is last week’s decision by producers’ cartel Opec to keep output unchanged, despite rising demand in China.” Let’s expect this to be the new paradigm and work from there.

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  1. Ian

    F daylight savings…

    and F your web host…