Sultry Streetwalking Wednesday Midweek Roundup

PHOTO: Eliot Spitzer

Georgian region Abkhazia appeals for recognition of independence, citing Kovoso
Here we go. Expect S. Ossetia to follow suit. Expect a bit more warfare in the Caucasus this summer.

A Fall From White Knight to Client 9
Another disgraced moral crusader. Is it wrong to take such joy in hypocrites? As a friend mentioned at the beginning of this, it would be nice to one day see the wife of one of these guys go off on him instead of doing this “stand by your man” crap.

Wednesday 12 March : launch of Online Free Expression Day plus repeat of last year’s “24-hour online demo”
Today is Online Free Expression Day. Please help support our friends at Reporters Sans Frontieres

A total of 63 cyber-dissidents are currently in jail worldwide for using their right to free expression on the Internet. China continues to be the world’s biggest prison for online journalists and bloggers.

Man jailed over al-Qaeda manual
I feel that this guy getting locked up is rather questionable. Having bad friends and owning a terrorist manual, sure, it doesn’t look good, but is owning a book and a DVD reason enough to go to jail?

“On Monday, Khaliq admitted one count of possessing a document or record containing information likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.”

Flickr photo by aboutmattlaw