Monday Blogging – 3/17/08

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I was out of town all weekend at the ACC men’s bball tournament (Go Heels!), so, unfortunately I don’t have a prepared post for today. I will update this post as often as I can with news and my commentary.

The huge investment bank Bear Stearns agreed to sell themselves to J.P. Morgan Chase for $2 a share. For some perspective, Bear Stearns stock was trading at $30 a share on Friday. That’s quite a sale, and apparently it was their only choice other than bankruptcy. These are interesting economic times to say the least.

Turns out Bill Kristol, NY Times columnist, warmonger and Republican shill made a nice big error in his column bashing Obama today:

In this column, I cite a report that Sen. Obama had attended services at Trinity Church on July 22, 2007. The Obama camapaign has provided information showing that Sen. Obama did not attend Trinity that day. I regret the error.


Ron Paul eloquently attacks the growth of state surveillance power which built Spitzer and ultimately took him down:

Recently we’ve been told that this increase in the already intolerable invasion of our privacy was justified because the purpose was to apprehend terrorists. We were told that the massive amounts of information being collected on Americans would only be used to root out terrorists. But as we can see today, this monitoring of private activities can also be used for political reasons. We should always be concerned when the government accumulates information on innocent citizens.

Spitzer was brought down because he legally withdrew cash from a bank — not because he committed a crime. This should prompt us to reassess and hopefully reverse this trend of pervasive government intrusion in our private lives.

Obama is going to give speech about the relationship with his Pastor, Mr. Wright, and the “larger issue of race in this campaign” tomorrow.

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  1. Ian

    Eat sh**.

  2. Ian

    I should note, I am a Duke fan.

  3. Ian

    In regards to the Kristol deal: There is a big problem with guys like this and stations like Fox News. So someone reads Kristol’s initial false reporting. That person might not read the retraction and think the initial report is true and thus have ill formed opinions of Obama. That, or someone can quote Kristol’s initial argument and they themselves don’t issue a retraction. Fox News does this stuff a lot, but they often issue their retractions at like 4 am when no one is looking (like Obama and his being brought up in Muslim schools). People should lose their jobs over this stuff, not just get to say, “Whoops.”

  4. Ian

    Oh, and also, Obama’s pastor doesn’t seem that crazy. Like yeah he says inflammatory stuff and takes something to extremes, but he isn’t all wrong. I don’t understand why he is getting so much crap. Kristol says, “This doesn’t mean that Obama agrees with Wright’s thoroughgoing and conspiracy-heavy anti-Americanism.” He seems to have missed a big point here that the pastor made which was: “Wright blamed the “arrogance” of the “United States of White America” for much of the world’s suffering, especially the oppression of blacks.” So shouldn’t that be anti-White-Americanism? I also don’t think its anti-Americanism to express distaste at how our government behaves. Smacks of the whole “If you aren’t for the war you aren’t patriotic” type garbage of a few years ago.