The 'How Bad Can We Piss Off China'? Midweek Roundup

PHOTO: Beijing 2008 sign

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I’m sure the truth is somewhere in between (but leaning more towards the “unofficial” side of things given that the Chinese typically show nice big banners of hanged criminals in their train stations – not really squeamish about a good shooting, them)

Expect these throughout the torch relay run — this will probably be one of the most protested Olympics for numerous reasons (Tibet, human rights in general, environmental issues, etc.)

Here’s the torch route through London and there’s predictions of some pretty big protests.

It would be merely symbolic, but I would love for Sarkozy to have the huevos to boycott.

Well, unlike in Russia at least, the Chinese government isn’t underwriting banning or assaulting foreign reporters. Yet. I’ve never thought of the Olympics as anything this political but obviously the Chinese government takes it way more seriously than anyone suspected.

But if you’re a Chinese civil rights activist, you’re still screwed.

There’s even a hippie treehugger perspective on this.

Completely unrelated but, how do you “misspeak” about something like this, Hil?

Her aides earlier admitted she “misspoke” in claiming she and daughter Chelsea “ran with our heads down” when arriving in Bosnia in 1996.

It doesn’t “prove you’re human”, it proves you’re trying your damndest to court sympathy in a campaign on the skids. But lying about coming under snipe fire? I would expect better from a Clinton.

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  1. Chris

    It’d be pretty lame for Sarkozy to only boycott the opening ceremonies of Olympics. Maybe they could put it to a vote among the French athletes to see if they’d like to boycott the entire thing?

  2. Ian

    I think they said it would only hurt the athletes if you did a boycott of the entire games. Boycotting the opening ceremonies would be lame posturing that doesn’t really mean anything.

    “I would expect better from a Clinton.”

    Is that sarcasm? It should be.