Rep. Frank wants to legalize marijuana

PHOTO: Rep. Barney Frank on HBO’s Real Time

Damn hippies:

Rep. Barney Frank said he plans to file a bill to legalize “small amounts” of marijuana.

Frank announced his plans late Friday on the HBO show “Real Time,” hosted by Bill Maher.

“I’m going to file a bill as soon as we go back to remove all federal penalties for the possession or use of small amounts of marijuana,” Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat, told Maher.

Frank didn’t define “small amounts.” Efforts to reach Frank on Saturday were not immediately successful.

Frank said he’d filed a similar bill in the Massachusetts Legislature in the 1970s, but hasn’t tried since he was elected to Congress.

“I finally got to the point where I think I can get away with it,” he said.

As Penn Jillette said it best a few years ago, “When you make laws against something that shouldn’t be a crime, you still make real criminals.”

We should be using our law enforcement resources on stopping theft and violent crimes, not personal vices.

However, I do have to agree with Nicole Belle at C&Ls, I don’t know how he thinks he can “get away with it” while Bush still has the veto pen. No harm in trying I suppose. Introducing this bill might even start one of those famous dialogues with the American public.

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  1. Ian

    I don’t think this bill will even get to see Bush’s veto pen. I actually agree with what USSC Justice Scalia said along the lines of, “If you want a law changed, convince your fellow constituents.” He’s talking about not using the Supreme Court as a super-legislature, but I think it still applies. I mean, you can whine about pot all you want but if you really think it should be legal you have to work to convince people. It isn’t going to change the way things currently are going. This guy and his bill is a good step in that direction, but it won’t be enough.