If you’ve been roaming around the political blogosphere (oh how I hate that word!) you probably noticed quite a firestorm about ABC’s Democratic Debate that took place Wednesday night.

My take: Obama got destroyed. He’s the front-runner and predictably ended up taking the brunt of the so-called “tough” questions which were amplified by Clinton’s own attacks. Obama never looked entirely comfortable and struggled to find the politically correct answers

That, in and of itself, would be fair. However, most of the “tough” questions were based entirely around substance free attacks on Obama’s character. They actually asked Obama if Rev. Wright loved America as much as he did. And then, when ABC finally got around to asking questions related to important topics, they invariably worded them to achieve the greatest gotchya factor. An opportunity to ask the candidates about their plans for withdrawal from Iraq turns into a question about second guessing Gen. Petraeus.

Just in case you missed the awful debate, here is a condensed version:

Yesterday Obama channeled Jay-Z while responding to the debate travesty:

It’s good to see Obama take this issue head on. The media should not abdicate its responsibility to discuss issues that are actually important to voters. According to Gallup, the five most important issues to voters, in order, are:

  1. The economy
  2. Iraq
  3. Healthcare
  4. Fuel prices
  5. Illegal immigration

ABC News should be ashamed it took them more than 40 minutes to even begin to discuss those issues, and then more ashamed that they never discussed them in a substantive or enlightening way.

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  1. Ian

    Can we have a news service that isn’t biased? One that is free of pundits and partisan analysis? I completely ignore the TV new sources now because its gotten beyond ridiculous.