Bush is still the president

I’m talking about this guy:

You know, this guy:

A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Thursday indicates that 71 percent of the American public disapprove of how Bush his handling his job as president.

No president has ever had a higher disapproval rating in any CNN or Gallup poll; in fact, this is the first time that any president’s disapproval rating has cracked the 70 percent mark,” said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

Definitely this guy:

This week marked the fifth anniversary of the speech President Bush gave on a U.S. aircraft carrier, in which he declared the end of major combat in Iraq
As the speech anniversary passed on May 1, casualty figures indicated 52 American troops died in Iraq in April, making it the deadliest month since the height of the U.S. surge of operations last September.

And, of course, this guy:

[…] the official U.S. denials of torture continued until earlier this month when Bush acknowledged in an interview with ABC-TV that he knew about and approved “enhanced interrogation” of detainees, including “waterboarding” or simulated drowning.

“As a matter of fact,” Bush added, “I told the country we did that. And I told them it was legal. We had legal opinions that enabled us to do it.”

It’s hard to believe that there was ever a time when George W. Bush was popular or considered a good president. His surge in popularity after 9/11 should leave no lingering doubts as to the psychological harm of terrorism. If there is another attack, we should all strive to maintain a healthy sense of skepticism toward our government and its leaders. I like to think that the institutionalization of things like torture would have been impossible if not for our patriotic eagerness combined with Bush’s blatant manipulation in the wake of 9/11.

Leaving aside counterfactuals, Bush’s unpopularity is partly why this year’s Democratic primary elections have brought record turnout, enthusiasm and now bitterness. Most of the country wants to be done with Bush. I firmly believe that Clinton or Obama would be far better occupants of the White House than we’ve been saddled with since 2001. To a much lesser extent I believe McCain would be better as well (Let’s hope I’m right). The next president, no matter who he or she is, needs to be put under immense pressure to roll back the excesses of the Bush administration. I don’t want to live in a non-Geneva nation anymore.

But we shouldn’t forget Bush has more than enough time to royally screw up a lot of new stuff.


  1. Cameron

    I thought we settled this with the Daylight Savings extension…

    But honestly, there’s plenty in the news without bashing El Presidente more than twice a month. Particularly, there’s no need to bash him generically like this. We all know how you feel. Save your criticism for some new material. At least the NBA playoffs is something in the news cycle that’s not related to the executive branch.

    Speaking of, how lame is it that the Lakers are the only team to sweep their first round? I’m very disappointed in the Celtics, but I guess it just proves that the Eastern conference is inferior to the West.

  2. Ian

    I think it more proves that the Nuggets are inferior to the Hawks.

  3. Chris

    Hey… the opinion poll was in the news 😉

  4. Ian

    Yeah, I don’t understand how we are supposed to handle Bush. No one seems to be able to do anything about all the wrong this guy is doing (has done). Everyone seems content to just wait until someone else takes his place but that isn’t really any sort of justice.

  5. Cameron

    Speaking of justice, the smelly communist kids sitting in on South Building finally got arrested today.