Bush likens 64% of Israelis to Nazi appeasers

PHOTO: Bush speaking

President George W. Bush addressing the Israeli Knesset in Jerusalem on Thursday, May 15, 2008:

Some seem to believe that we should negotiate with the terrorists and radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along. We have heard this foolish delusion before. As Nazi tanks crossed into Poland in 1939, an American senator declared: “Lord, if I could only have talked to Hitler, all this might have been avoided.” We have an obligation to call this what it is — the false comfort of appeasement, which has been repeatedly discredited by history. (Read the full White House transcript, or watch video of the offending portion)

I have to give Bush some credit. It takes some huevos to fly all the way to Israel to insult not only a majority of Israelis, but also a majority of his own countrymen (and Barack Obama).

Back in February of this year, Israeli newspaper Haaretz conducted a poll which found that “sixty-four percent of Israelis say the government must hold direct talks with the Hamas government in Gaza toward a cease-fire and the release of captive soldier Gilad Shalit.”

Also, in January of 2006 a NBC News/WSJ poll found that 51% of Americans think that the Bush administration should “engage in diplomacy” with the elected government of the Palestinian authority even if they don’t renounce violence.

If all you did was listen to American politicians and the American media, it’d be easy to think that unyielding hawkishness toward Israel’s enemies was the majority opinion in both the U.S. and Israel. That’s simply not true. Average Americans and Israelis desire a more moderate foreign policy. It’d be nice to see that reflected in the official government stance of both “democracies.”

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  1. Ian

    Its not like Bush cares about opinion polls in his own country.