Tuesday Blogging – 5/27/08

PHOTO: Helicopter

Had no time to write an article last night. So you’re being treated to my wondermous blogging skillz.

When I got in my car to go to work this morning, three helicopters flew by. I couldn’t tell if they were from a hospital, news station or military base, but I definitely had this strange feeling of dread. Was there a terrorist attack? Some kind of huge accident on the highway? Definitely an ominous omen during an otherwise beautiful morning.

Why the superdelegates won’t take it away from Obama:

In the actual world, the only way Clinton can win the nomination, absent some genuine catastrophe, is for the superdelegates to decide to give her the nomination. If that happened, would she be more electable? She might have an edge over Obama in Appalachia, but she would surely be at a serious disadvantage among African-American voters. This might not have been true had she won the primary on pledged delegates: in that case, Obama’s supporters would probably be disappointed, but would manage to get over it…

… Obama has actually won a majority of pledged delegates, and he won them with the support of a lot of white voters in a lot of predominantly white states. This strikes me as a wonderful thing; I cannot imagine how it would feel if I had gone through my entire life wondering, in my heart of hearts, whether anyone who looked like me could ever win a major party nomination. And if, at this point, the superdelegates were to give the nomination to Hillary Clinton, or to any white candidate, it’s hard for me to see how I would not feel robbed not only of my candidate’s shot at the nomination, but of some portion of my hopes for my country.

How bad ass is this? Click the image for more info.

Self portrait drawn by GPS

Stale news but interesting nonetheless:

Cable prices have risen 77 percent since 1996, roughly double the rate of inflation, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this month.

Turns out you’re not allowed to visit Israel if you’re a critic of their government:

Norman Finkelstein, the controversial Jewish American academic and fierce critic of Israel, has been deported from the country and banned from the Jewish state for 10 years, it emerged yesterday.

Finkelstein, the son of a Holocaust survivor who has accused Israel of using the genocidal Nazi campaign against Jews to justify its actions against the Palestinians, was detained by the Israeli security service, Shin Bet, when he landed at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport on Friday.

Greenwald has more on the Finkelstein situation, including fun facts showing how our land of liberty gets in on the act of political censorship.

As Ted points out in the comments, that GPS art is probably a hoax. But it’s a cool idea anyhow.

Flickr photo by mastrobiggo


  1. Ian

    I recently drove up to NY from NC and passed by Andrews Air Force Base. That is some crazy stuff right there with all different kinds of fighter jets flying pretty close to the highway as you drive by and the noise is deafening. I see helicopters hovering over I-40 all the time going back and forth to school. I figure they are just news choppers checking traffic. I do see the occasional military chopper fly over campus too.

  2. Ted

    That GPS art seems to be a hoax… read the posts on the link.

    Also I thought it was supposed to be Jesus as first.

  3. Ian

    Ted, I read those and thought about it. I don’t know though, it could be real-ish. If the guy connected the GPS dots with smoothed lines himself and used dots spaced every 500 miles or whatever, it could end up looking right. If he honestly claims that is what the GPS signal was every step of the way then it is most definitely shenanigans.

  4. Ted

    Ian, I agree… But I think there’s a huge difference in the art’s power depending whether it’s purely GPS signal or not. It is still is an innovative idea, but not nearly as amazing.

    That’s an interesting article about cable. I liked this:

    “If each channel depended on individual consumers electing to pay individually for it, this would slash potential viewership and seriously hurt the ability of most channels to attract their current level of advertising dollars,” said Jenni Moyer, a spokeswoman for Comcast. “Lost ad revenue would have to be replaced by higher license fees.”

    Damn. I would love to just purchase only the 15 channels I watch regularly. Also, how about this idea: for each different show you watch, the first time you watch it is free, but if you like it enough to want to watch another episode, you have to start paying per episode, or maybe buy a pack/season for a reduced price. It just seems that with DVR use increasing and more people skipping ads, money is going to have to start coming from other places (god forbid this contribute to the evolution of product placement).

  5. Ian

    I wouldn’t really want to purchase shows per episode. Then I would feel obligated to watch something if I was a subscriber. Also if it were going to be like that, the shows better be commercial free. That said, commercial free shows would also be more expensive. I can already do this on DVD anyways, unless it is a show like The Daily Show.

    I think you should be able to purchase the channels you want, or at least elect not to have certain channels be present on your box for a slight reduction in cost. It could be like a way to vote which channels you wish would just disappear. I wish I could do something to make Lifetime and Oxygen lose a little money. If only there was some way to get that jackass Carlos Mencia off of the air…