Ticketmaster's Ticketfast racket

(Updated below)

Yesterday I bought two tickets to a concert from Ticketmaster. The concert is tonight, so I couldn’t wait for them to mail me the tickets, and I didn’t want to bother with will call. So, much to my delight, Ticketmaster offered me the opportunity to print my tickets from an online PDF.

Unfortunately for me, this self-printing Ticketfast “service” cost me an additional $2.50.

Here’s part of my online receipt:

SCREENSHOT: Ridiculous charges from Ticketmaster

That’s right, I paid $12.80 in “convenience charges,” $3.50 for order processing and then another $2.50 for the thrill of printing the tickets myself. For those of you not scoring at home, that’s $18.80 of bullshit.

Now, I’m not opposed to Ticketmaster getting their cut. Someone has to take care of selling tickets. But when I print these tickets myself, I’m saving them money they would have spent on postal and printing fees. So why am I paying more?

To add insult to injury, these Ticketfast PDF tickets have advertising on them!

Ticketmaster TicketFast ticket with advertisements


When you thought Ticketmaster fees couldn’t get anymore ridiculous, witness a $25 ticket turn into $41:

$25 ticket with $16 of tacked on fees

Receipt via our recently gouged commenter Ted.


  1. Ted

    Yeah, that is unbelievable… and it pisses me off.

    But I guess the thinking is that most of the people using the TicketFast option absolutely have to because of timing issues like yours, and are going to cough it up / bite the pillow hard… I mean, you did.

    How high could they price TicketFast before you absolutely wouldn’t pay it?

  2. Chris

    I’m not going to tell them 🙂

    But you’re right, as long as I’m willing to pay for it, I should just shut up and bend over…

  3. Ian

    Haha tickwnd.

  4. 1) Procastinate much? It costs you.
    2) Whats wrong with will call? Didnt want to deal with it/ dont want to pay for t-fast…Sounds like you want the best of both worlds…
    3) You could go to the event the night of the show and dig 2 measly tickets up off of the crowd like a man, probably save money, help someone out, get better seats, the list goes on and on.
    4) Lets see…you bought 2 tickets. They cost 25$ ea. They were available the day before the show…hmmm sounds to me like you bought 2 general admission tickets to a stiff show. There were probably tickets at the box office that not only wouldnt have charged you for t-fast, wouldnt have charged you for convenience and you would have got a nice cardboard ticket for your ticket stub collection.

    To the gentleman who said “unbelievable” and “pissed off”, You would be pissed off because of your ignorance (see 1-4)
    Unbelievable? Is the population of the campground that you live at under 100? 200? Those fees are a STEAL. It would cost so much more in time and gas to go to the box office etc, etc.

    To sum it up-you’re a whiner-get off your ass and get the job done or pay. Whats the problem?

    P.S. I myself do not like any monopoly, including ticketmaster but not because of the service fees. Again the fees that they charge are a STEAL if you choose to pay them. I typically dont but when I do it is for the convenience that does save me time and money.

    He chose…poorly.

  5. Chris

    Thanks for the Indy quote 😉

  6. Ian

    Hahaha, buy some scalped tickets “like a man”. I agree though, $18.80 certainly is “a steal”, but for whom? Since when is spending money “a steal” actually?

  7. Ian, denial-its not just a river in Egypt.

  8. Ted

    Chris I believe we have our first troll.

  9. Ian

    I’m getting misty…

  10. Chris

    Does this mean we’re big time?

  11. To be dead wrong about a silly subject is one thing. To deny profusely another. Sarcasm and name calling? No, boys I dont think you’re headed towards the “big time”

  12. Ted

    kid’s just mad because you posted his picture in

    “why sports video games suck”

  13. Ian


    Pot… kettle… kettle… pot.

  14. Trolling your own thread? New concept… Its hard to be mad when your correct son.

  15. Chris

    In all seriousness, thanks for taking the time to comment here.

  16. Always looking to help.

  17. CHiLLZ

    Wow, I only wish I had gotten off as lucky as you. I went to ticketmaster.com to get tickets for an upcoming Coldplay concert, and clicked on “see available tickets” during the Ticketmaster buying process. I then got forwarded to a stadium map on a site called “TicketsNow”. Then that webpage presented a choice of seats for various prices. I knew Coldplay tickets go like hotcakes, so I found some good seats and bought a pair of them for $177.00 each.

    Well, when my tickets came in the mail, to my horror they had someone else’s name on them and the purchase price printed on the ticket was $99.50! Not to mention going back to look at my receipt and realizing I had been charged a “service charge” of $53.10 PLUS $14.05 shipping for the exact same type of printed tickets that you show in your picture above.

    I am so shocked I don’t even know what to think…

  18. Chris

    Service charge of over $50? Wow… if you have a scan of that receipt I’d like to see it.

  19. yup i thought it was unbelievable too
    i bought tickets to that coldplay show couple months ago too.
    no i didnt procrastinate…. i sat in front of my computer refreshing every second waiting for the tickets to go on sale……
    it was my first time ever buying tickets on ticketmaster and the remaining time countdown on each page made me all nervous and i didnt want to lose those seats so i kind of rushed thru without reading EVERYTHING.
    hoping to keep the ticket stubs to the first concert of my life…. i spent nearly $30 bucks for connivence charges only to find out that i had to print the tickets myself.
    : <…. ticketmaster…not a very good first impression indeed.
    i also spent $400 bucks on a pair of radiohead pit tix on ebay. they were each priced $50 on the ticket. i never had anything to complain about that.

  20. ive got 2 e-tickets from ticketsnow. that company licks i got charged 25 bucks shipping and handling and they mailed me my e-tickets both with different names. i hope to hell it works or somebody’s gonna get a hurt real bad.

  21. Nancy

    I agree.. i buy tickets all the time and the fees are outrageous! They already make tons of money, cut us some slack!

  22. JP

    Jay-Z tickets at Warner theater for 1/19. Lowest ticket price is $100. Convenience charge is $48. Print at home is bumped up to $4.50. Now, come on, thats absurd.

    I love to scalp though – its a fantastic game of supply, demand, and waiting (specifically 30 minutes after ticket show time and pay 20 bucks).

    Also, KIDNIC works for Ticketmaster.

  23. Ted

    and we are not alone:


  24. Chris

    It seems like professional scalpers get all the best seats anyways. Why not just skip the middleman and put tickets up directly on ebay?

  25. Tammy

    They are the HUGGEST SCAM!!!! DO NOT EVER BUY FROM THIS TICKETFAST. They charged us 3times what the tickets were worth, sent us the wrong seats, not even the correct ones, and were rude on the phone when we called about & wouldn’t refund our money. SCAM, SCAM SCAMMMMMMM SCAM!!!!!! AVOID!