Clinton pwns in Puerto Rico: And no one cared, Part 3

CARTOON: Clinton wins Puerto Rico

You can read about Hillary’s victory in Puerto Rico here.

Why did the Democrats even bother to include Puerto Rico in the nominating process? I don’t particularly care one way or the other, I’m just curious.

As a quick follow-up to Friday’s post about Ticketmaster, I’d like to say I’m totally baffled by people who spend $30+ to go to a concert and then just talk loudly to their friends the entire time. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to go to a bar? Or maybe just put a CD on in your living room and invite your damn friends over? Bleh.


  1. Ted

    I take it you didn’t enjoy yourself at said event?

    Did you go with anyone or alone? You should have just talked louder.

  2. Chris

    I went with someone… and we had a good time. It just would have been better had we not been forced to move because of the idiots.

  3. Ted

    I would have beaten them with a shovel.

  4. Chris

    I would have cheered you on.