Hope floats

Our long national nightmare is over. Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. The next President will not be a Bush or a Clinton.

Through a combination of election victories and superdelegate endorsements, Obama has mathematically defeated Hillary Clinton. So why the hell wont she concede?

Clinton is either totally detached from reality or completely lacking in class. If she is actually angling to be Obama’s VP, I would think some graciousness would be in order.


  1. Ian

    She has said she doesn’t know what she is doing now. She said she would take a few days to decide what to do next. Obama has requested to sit down and talk with her and she has agreed. She was sort of gracious with some of the things she said about Obama and he was the same to her.

  2. Ted

    statistically, 71% of posts on this blog mention Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama

  3. Ian

    Even the old WWW?

  4. Ted

    I am not familiar with the WWW from the old days.

    Speaking of the old days, TFT anyone? Ian you can be Night Elves. Chris you can be Humans.

  5. Ian

    I’m up for it, but I don’t even remember that game anymore. I haven’t played since we all last played together. I would have to find the discs which is no small feat since everything from college is in boxes here and at my moms.

  6. Chris

  7. Chris

    Well… I won’t be mentioning Hillary much anymore I think.

  8. Ted

    Chris it’s OK… just because a Hillary post instantly turned into a Warcraft conversation doesn’t mean we don’t care about her… keep up your good work.