Friday Roundup 6/13/08

PHOTO: Raising the flag at Iwo Jima photo recreated with Legos

Check out these awesome Lego recreations of classic photos. Buy print here.


The Supreme Court decides 5 to 4 that the Bush Administration can’t imprison and execute people without first proving their guilt. Justice Scalia practically pissed his pants in his dissenting opinion. “It will almost certainly cause more Americans to be killed,” Scalia said. “The nation will live to regret what the court has done today.”

Republican nominee McCain reaffirmed his radical views on executive power by calling this Supreme Court ruling one of the “worst decisions in the history of this country.” Then went on to piss his pants like Scalia. “Our first obligation is the safety and security of this nation, and the men and women who defend it,” McCain said. “This decision will harm our ability to do that.”


Update 2
The New York Post is reporting that Tim Russert of NBC News fame has died of an apparent heart attack. He was only 58.

MSNBC now confirms.

I’ve been critical of Russert’s reporting and interviewing, but it’s tragic when people die so relatively young. RIP.


Matt Yglesias notes that the Bush administration wants to veto Amtrak funding (a seemingly good idea given our current energy crunch) because the bill doesn’t provide enough accountability. Since when has the Bush administration cared about accountability?

McCain says it’s ‘not too important’ when our troops come home from Iraq. Hilzoy gives us the definitive analysis.

O’Reilly’s minions try to ambush Bill Moyers. Moyers wins:


Lessons from same-sex couples: Equality in your relationships will probably make both partners happier. But you won’t fight any less.


The BBC says $24 billion has been lost to war profiteering in Iraq.


THIS is one reason why our culture is superior.


David Brooks of the New York Times should be fired for this:

Obama‘s problem is he doesn‘t seem like a guy who can go into an Applebee‘s salad bar and people think he fits in naturally there.

I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that such a stupid comment would also be factually inaccurate. Applebee’s doesn’t have a  salad bar.


Congratulations to the Boston Celtics. With last night’s amazing comeback victory over the Lakers, they now hold an insurmountable lead in the NBA Finals. No team has ever come back to win the NBA Finals after going down 3-1, and something tells me the Lakers aren’t going to be the first team to do it.


  1. Ian

    Stick a fork in the Kobe steak.

  2. Sheepywoman

    Random. Is this like the Chris’s RSS feed with commentary? Or more like this week in review?

  3. Chris

    It’s me unable to come up with a coherent article 🙂

  4. Ian

    Its write a bunch of topics up and see if any stick. Should definitely make an addendum about the awesome Supreme Court ruling today.

  5. Chris

    You could have linked to it in your comment… and saved me the trouble 🙂

  6. Ian

    Hey I can’t do all the work around here.

  7. Sheepywoman

    What about the awesomeness of this:,2933,355104,00.html

    I don’t know which to cheer for…

  8. Chris


    “Burmese pythons capable of swallowing deer and alligators whole.”

    Hopefully that article is referring to tiny deer and alligators.

  9. Sheepywoman

    I realized I just totally dumbed down this site with that post but you guys need to be more well-rounded in your discussions. And herein lies my niche…

  10. Chris

    Nothing is more intelligent than my NBA Finals liveblogging

  11. Ian

    I thought discussing highway etiquette was pretty intelligent.

  12. Chris

    Some old dude cut me off today. Darted out of the right lane into the left right before I would have passed him. He proceeded to go slower than the car that was previously in front of him while he was in the right lane. I beeped at this guy for something like 30 solid seconds. It was very cathartic.

  13. Ian

    I have to go to court on July 2nd to fight a speeding ticket. I think aggressive people like you deserve them more 😉