Monday Blogging – 7/7/08


What you want me to do? I’m sorry. I’m back.

I’ll keep you up to date on the most worrisome news with today’s post-vacation blogging. Enjoy.

Conservatives are rushing to idolize Jesse Helms as the archetypal Republican/Conservative in the wake of his death. Either they are unaware of how bad it looks politically to emphatically embrace unrepentant racists or racism is the mantle they wish to carry.

From Helms Greatest Hits ©

The Negro cannot count forever on the kind of restraint that’s thus far left him free to clog the streets, disrupt traffic, and interfere with other men’s rights.

The Fox News smear machine has learned how to use Adobe Photoshop!

PHOTO: Fox News altered photos of people it doesn\'t like

The McCain election strategy:

We have two candidates with starkly different positions. Barack Obama is for an orderly and considered withdrawal of all US combat forces in Iraq, a process he says he will begin immediately upon taking office. John McCain supports a permanent garrisoning of US troops on military bases in Iraq — a long-term ‘presence’ which he hopes will require a constantly-diminishing amount of actual combat and thus an ever-diminishing toll in American lives.

This is, I believe, a fair and even generous description of each candidate’s essential position. And the recital makes the key point clear: McCain’s position is squarely on the wrong side of public opinion — in fact, to an overwhelming degree.

This is why the McCain campaign spends what seems almost literally to be all its time (with tractable reporters in tow) scrutinizing the rhetorical entrails of Obama’s every statement trying to find some movement or contradiction or frankly anything that can be talked about to keep everybody’s attention (press, commentators, citizens, precocious teenagers) off the fact that McCain’s position on Iraq is wildly unpopular and even more what McCain’s position actually is.

Sen. Lieberman wants you to be afraid:

…I would say that obviously Israel is first in the line of Iranian fire. And it represents an existential threat to Israel. But you know who is next? The Arab countries in the Middle East and they’re worried about the Iranian program and want us to ask strongly to stop it. And we’re next! Because Ahmadinejad in Tehran constantly leads the mobs in shouts of death to America. And they mean it.

If that’s what Lieberman thinks, that’s fine. However, Lieberman never informs us of the consequences of the attack on Iran for which he pines. How would an attack on Iran affect global terrorism? How would it change the market for oil? What about our troops in Iraq?

A suicide bomber attacked an Indian embassy in Afghanistan killing ~40 people. Barnett Rubin has some insightful comments about the attack.

I’ve always thought that eating plastic tofu was bad for you

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  1. Ian

    I feel like its wrong of me to be OK with the idea of someone dying. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am happy Helms died, but I’m not crying or anything.

  2. Chris

    If only he could have lived long enough to see a black man elected president…

  3. Ian

    I wish McCain and Obama news would fade for a while. The election is 4 months away and its not like they are debating or anything. That isn’t directed at you Chris, but its like everyday its a new story about what each one of them is saying about the other. Its not like their platforms are changing, why can’t they just go do their jobs in the Senate and STFU for a little bit.

  4. Chris

    I’m insulted!

  5. Ian

    Apology accepted.