McCain's lovely new ad

(Updated Below)

Check out McCain’s new ad where he blasts Obama for not visiting wounded troops during his overseas trip:

This ad is not only riddled with shameless falsehoods, it’s a sign that McCain is trying to shift the debate away from the issues.

I’m not sure why, but this ad just makes me mad. After eight years of Bush’s White House using the same tactics, I shouldn’t be surprised. I guess part of me bought into the idea that McCain was different. Sure, I expected Republicans to attack Obama’s patriotism, but I didn’t expect McCain to do it himself. It’s startling and disgusting.

What little respect I had left for McCain is draining away fast.

McCain’s new ad has pissed off at least one independent voter:

Yours truly is a “swing voter” who registered as a Republican in 2000 to vote for McCain in the California primary. This ad most assuredly did “not resonate” with me. It didn’t reflect the kind of campaign we have advocated seeing on TMV over the past nearly four years. It seemed to have the tone and accuracy of the kind of ad Karl Rove would have used against McCain in South Carolina in 2000.

That’s Joe Gandleman, Editor-In-Chief of the Moderate Voice.

Update II
John Cole gives us the rundown of McCain’s “respectful” campaign activity last week.


  1. Ian

    OK, so I watched it without sound (no speakers at work). I think I got the general gist of it, and I think I probably could have without even seeing it. I knew last week when Obama didn’t go visit the troops that McCain’s campaign would make a big deal of it. To be honest, I still think Obama should’ve gone, if what the military said was true. He shouldn’t go to make it a campaign photo-op, so I don’t feel like the fact that they didn’t want his campaign there was enough deterrent to stop him. That said, I don’t really think this matters as far as who I vote for. It doesn’t really change my opinion of Obama (normal politician with a flair for campaigning) or McCain (Republican shill).

    I agree with the sentiment that Gandleman expresses. McCain’s ad resonates only with his base. To a moderate who was sitting on the fence, it seems hostile and unfair in its portrayal of Obama. To a liberal, its just eye-rolling nonsense. Its Fox News type smearing at play, and really, Fox News doesn’t change anyone’s opinions.

  2. Chris

    Not sure what you mean by this:
    “To be honest, I still think Obama should’ve gone, if what the military said was true. He shouldn’t go to make it a campaign photo-op, so I don’t feel like the fact that they didn’t want his campaign there was enough deterrent to stop him.”

  3. Ian

    So Obama said he didn’t go because the military said they didn’t want it to be a distraction or some such. The military later said that Obama could’ve come, but out of respect they didn’t want him to bring his campaign staff. They said he was welcome to come and visit and they were ready for him. So I am saying, if what the military said was true, Obama should have gone even if there were no cameras there to see it.

  4. Chris

    From what I understand is that the military told him the day before his visit that he couldn’t go if he brought his campaign staff. He wasn’t bringing the media or camera or any of that. And by that time, Obama had already put his Senate staff back on a plane to the United States.

  5. Ian

    OK, so… why does this mean he couldn’t have gone in to visit the soldiers?

  6. Chris

    I guess they don’t go anywhere without some staff on hand.

    Or do you mean why did the Pentagon stop them?

  7. Ian

    No I mean why didn’t Obama go? I don’t understand why he can’t just go on his own. As I said before, I don’t really care. It doesn’t change anything about who I am going to vote for in November. I just don’t understand why he couldn’t have gone.

  8. Chris

    He could have just gone on his own. Not sure why he didn’t. But here’s what has to say:

  9. Ian

    OK, I read through that and it just confirms they don’t know either. It shows that the McCain ad is full of utter BS though. Eh, like I said, won’t change my opinion. I still think McCain is a tool.

  10. Ted

    “About Superman and Batman: the former is how America views itself, the latter, darker character is how the rest of the world views America.”

    — Michael Caine

    “America is Two-Face”

    — Chris

  11. Chris

    Dude… I said the rest of the world views America as Two Face. They used to like us, beacon of freedom and all that. Now they think we’re a loose cannon.

  12. Ted

    I know, it just looked funnier that way… sorry for the misquote 😉

  13. Ian

    I didn’t notice this, but the Daily Show points out that the clip they show of Obama playing basketball in that McCain ad, whilst juxtaposing it with the point that Obama is neglecting the troops, Obama was playing basketball WITH THE TROOPS. You can’t make this stuff up.