Don't tell us we're ignorant. Educate us.

PHOTO: Barack Obama

While I was putting away groceries last night, I caught a glimpse of Hardball on MSNBC. Chris Matthews has been taking a break, so Mike Barnicle (great name) was guest-hosting.

Barnicle had an unremarkable panel of pundits at his disposal and the topic moved to a quote from Obama at a recent fund-raising event:

We are now in a position where the odds of us winning are very good. But it’s still going to be difficult.

I was all ready for to hear about how presumptuous Obama was for making a statement like that. How dare Obama think he’s going to win! (I dare say that particular sentiment has more than a tinge of racism.)

But no. Instead, I was treated to a discussion on America’s comfort level with Obama. The majority of the panel agreed that American’s are still unsure about this mysterious Barack Obama guy.

What the _____?!

Obama has written two books about his life, he’s run for office five times, he’s held an elected position for nearly a dozen years. He’s released his tax records and his medical records. On top of all of that, he has an extensive website where he lays out his personal history and detailed policy positions. (And we know whether or not he’s a Muslim.) It hardly seems possible to know more about the man.

So maybe MSNBC and their media brethren should actually educate the public instead of commenting on its ignorance.

P.S. I’m now using Mr. Wright’s Obama photo merely to annoy Ian.


  1. Ian

    Obama looks like he has nodded off in that picture.

  2. He has nodded off for having to face the same questions over and over again. He is looking inward for the strength to stay above the fracas (since his written prayers apparently aren’t even safe anymore). Man, I know more about Barack Obama than my own father – what a ridiculous statement. But, consider the source …

  3. Sheepywoman

    The poeple who are ignorant of Obama and his positions are not going to be watching Hardball. Nor will they be involved in national politics. So what does it matter if they are arguing on the public’s ignorance instead of educating people who aren’t listening?

  4. Chris

    I’m not saying MSNBC can’t cover this horserace and controversy of the week stuff, but they should buttress it with some substance. Right now they aren’t, and I don’t think it’s fair to assume their audience already knows the policy disputes they aren’t covering.

  5. Ian

    There’s just nothing more to say about Obama right now and the media seems content to beat a dead horse. Wake me when someone’s platform changes. The media is just hoping for a scandal or for someone to make a mistake so they have something to talk about for another month.