Millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror…

PHOTO: Harry Potter & The Half-blood Prince book cover

The next Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, will not delight and dazzle the nerdy masses this November. Instead it will beam into theaters July of 2009.

Apparently, The Powers That Be, think the film will make more money next July, a prime summer movie month. That could be true, but my guess is that the Harry Potter nerds would brave the November weather and still set ticket sale records.

I offer up two alternate explanations:

  1. The movie isn’t done, or it sucks and they need a lot more time to finish it.
  2. Warner Brothers made more money than they thought they would with Batman, and they want to save their other cash cow for next year.

Whatever the reason, geeks are going to have a barren winter this 2008. But 2009 is gonna be sweet… Wolverine: Origins, Watchmen, Harry Potter, the next seasons of L O S T, and Battlestar Galactica… *drools*

Book cover @ Terry Bain at Flickr


  1. Ted


    Was it always slated for November and they recently changed it?

    My guess is that they saw what worked for The Dark Knight… not only a July release, but the massive, multi-approach marketing campaign… and they want to apply it to HP to cash in as maximally as possible.

  2. Chris

    Was it always slated for November and they recently changed it?

    As far as I know…

  3. Ted

    I think it’s more towards your #2 reason, with a little bit of my reasoning as well.

    Standard business practice is to monitor your sales/growth as comparison to the previous year. If they kept HP as a 2008 release, they would have an enormously successful 2008 of record-breaking proportions. As great as that sounds they want to balance the wealth from year to year to maintain a constant cash flow and a healthier business… instead of having a monster year they can never come close to reaching again.

  4. Chris

    yeah… it looks better that way to investors.

  5. Ian

    I won’t be seeing HP regardless of the month in which it is released. Just thought I would add that snotty comment and pretend I am better than you all. Nyah!