Republican National Convention Thread

(Updated Below)
Consider this an open thread to discuss anything you want about the RNC, speeches and all.

Here’s Mitt Romney fishing for applause by adding the word “liberal” to every attack he could come up with:

Read Romney’s prepared speech.

Mike Huckabee, one of the only likable Republicans on the national stage, reminds us that he’s a great orator (too bad he’s a religious crazy):

Read Huckabee’s prepared speech.

Rudy Giuliani
reminds us that he’s not afraid to mention 9/11 or accuse the Democrats of hoping for America’s defeat:

Read Giuliani’s prepared speech.

The big hitter on Wednesday night was Sarah Palin. She focused the first half of her speech on her family story, then the second half on why Barack Obama is a wimp:

Read Palin’s prepared speech.

Overall, Wednesday night was a return to the lie filled liberal-hate-a-thon that we saw during 2004’s RNC. Divisiveness and smears seem to be only things fueling the Republican machine these days, so it wasn’t surprising seeing the crowd at the Xcel Center finally come alive after the slightly more respectful proceedings on Monday and Tuesday. It’s hard to really process all my thoughts right now, but it never ceases to be depressing to watch a crowd so enthralled by speakers that are doing nothing more than stoking the fires of our cultural divisions.

And I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought it was beyond stupid for Giuliani to mock Obama for being “cosmopolitan.” He was the freaking mayor of New York City!

Update: McCain’s speech
10:20pm – I can’t believe they had the green behind him for so long again. Kinda funny.
10:25pm – McCain’s trying to be classy. Too bad he hasn’t bothered to reign in his ugly attacks. Nice pivot off the Code Pink protesters.
10:30pm – McCain is pretending to be the change candidate. In 2000 or 2004 it might have been true.
10:35pm – He’s listing off some of America’s problems. Yet he’s proposing no solutions. He says he’s fighting for us, but never says how.
10:38pm – The only thing that really gets the crowd excited are lies about Obama’s tax, health care, and trade policy. Until then it was actually an effective description of conservative values. Too bad the Republican party abandoned those long ago.
10:40pm – McCain has called Obama an elitist, but McCain is wearing a gold tie. Scandal!
10:43pm – He’s mentioning some good stuff… the crowd doesn’t seem particularly happy about it.
10:44pm – Attacks on Obama seem to do the trick though…
10:46pm – Republicans sure love drilling and nukes… mentions of clean fuel sources makes the crowd yawn.
10:50pm – McCain just equated Russia with Iraq circa 1991. Then says he wants to be their friend. It’s a nice sentiment, but totally contradicts what he’s said before.
10:53pm – McCain truly thinks he can cast himself as the change candidate. The reformer. I think his party membership and record of sucking up to Bush will keep the country from buying it. And doesn’t he look uncomfortable delivering those attack lines?
10:56pm – POW!
11:00pm – McCain says he is running to serve, not because of personal ambition. Too bad he’s on record as saying the opposite.

My final thoughts: After the harshness of last night, McCain needed to show some respect to the 2/3rds of the country that isn’t certifiably insane. He achieved that much. This was more of the McCain that I liked before 2007.


  1. Ian

    The Daily Show was top notch last night. They showed Rove going on about how Palin is ready to lead because she was mayor of the second biggest city in Alaska. Then they showed an earlier interview where he said that Obama picking this guy in Virginia would be bad because Richmond isn’t one of the biggest cities in America. They showed O’Reilly blaming the Spears parents for their daughters teen preganancy and then showed him saying that Palin’s family is ok. They showed McCain’s campaign manager saying Hillary should stop whining about unfair treatment in the media, then showed her calling the coverage of Palin unfair and sexist. Then they showed Palin saying that Hillary does a disservice to women by whining about media treatment and that Hillary should just fight harder.

    As for the RNC speeches, I haven’t seen any. In all fairness, I only watched maybe 2 minutes of Obamas speech and that was it from the DNC. I don’t care to listen for “red meat” (the dumbest political expression being used this year) and I don’t want to hear smears. It all drives me crazy how they can all talk so much and say nothing important.

  2. Ian

    Also, here’s a link fact checking Palin’s speech. Turns out shes a dirty liar.

  3. Chris

    I assure you, red meat isn’t a new expression 🙂

    That’s for the fact check link.

  4. Ian

    I know it isn’t new, but its the most overused term of the convention coverage. Here is a link to Stewart owning the GOP spin machine:

    I know you can get it straight from the Comedy Central source, but w/e. As the post points out, you could probably easily put together a similar video for Democrats and that just makes it all the more depressing.

  5. Andrea


    I just watch The Daily Show for 9/3 (props to Comedy Central for finally putting full episodes online). Interesting point he made about Palin’s press lease verbage over Bristol’s “decision” on her pregnancy. As being a staunch pro-lifer, her potential removal of abortions would eliminate Bristol ever having to make a “decision” regarding her pregnancy; the government would have made it for her.

  6. Ian

    They really hit this point hard last night, Andrea. They showed people at the convention commending Bristol for keeping the kid and getting married while Samantha Bee was trying to get them to understand that Bristol actually had the freedom to make that choice because the law is currently pro-choice. None of these people seemed to make this connection. They should be talking about how Bristol shouldn’t have had the choice to begin with if they honestly believed in pro-life.