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PHOTO: Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin on SNL

(Updated Below)

Last night, McCain’s campaign announced that Sarah Palin will not cooperate with the investigation into her possible of abuse of power as governor, known as Troopergate. This comes after assurances that she would cooperate and bring “openness” to Washington.

Is the ability to lie without flinching a genetic trait?

There she goes, lying again.


  1. Ian

    I think I’ve pretty much become completely disillusioned with the people of this country. I have no faith in their judgment anymore. I’m not saying you should vote for Obama, but how can you really be happy to vote for McCain? What about him makes him worthy of a vote? Voting for McCain just because he isn’t Obama isn’t a good reason either. I could sort of understand voting for Bush over Kerry, but nothing in me can fathom voting for McCain. Its a travesty that people are jumping on board for this nonsense.

  2. Ted

    Anybody see the sketch pictured above on SNL? Great.

  3. Ian

    I saw it Ted. I wish people would actually think about what it says.

  4. Chris

    Clicking on the photo in the post will take you to a video of the SNL skit.