I'm on vacation but there's Twitter

While I was on vacation in NYC, I posted to a Twitter account that was automatically updated on this page. Now that I’m back from my vacation, I’ve archived the “tweets” I posted during my trip. Exciting eh?

Archive of Twitter Feed:

Timestamp: Sept. 22, 10:30pm EST

  • I see that Palin is supposed to meet with Kissinger. Shouldn’t he be shunned from public life? about 10 hours ago
  • $700 billion!!!???!! 1 day ago
  • Times Square is obscene. It’s like a massively annoying shopping mall. 1 day ago
  • why does everybody have tmobile sidekick? 1 day ago
  • seems overkill to have 2 starbucks in the basement of Rockefeller center. For the record, I only bought stuff at one. 3 days ago
  • Yankees suck. 4 days ago
  • currently getting my airport rectal exam 4 days ago
  • This is way too early to be awake. 4 days ago
  • Setting up a twitter feed is causing me much “worry.” 5 days ago
  • I’ll be here to twitter the apocalypse. 5 days ago


  1. Ian

    What are you doing in NYC?

  2. Ian

    I just want to say, everyone go watch Jon Stewart’s interview with Tony Blair. Its not necessarily ground breaking, but its certainly interesting regardless of how you feel about Bush and the Iraq War.