McCain, you have brought dishonor upon yourself

Dishonorable Klingons: Sen. John McCain (left) and Duras son of Ja’rod.

McCain has been a very bad Klingon.

Right now, our tumbling economy registers as the #1 issue on the minds of Americans by a landslide of nearly 40% percent in every poll. For a number of reasons, McCain’s biggest weakness is the economy. Hell, he’s flatly admitted he doesn’t know much about it.

So unsurprisingly, the McCain camp isn’t happy the economy is thrust back into the spotlight every day as the worldwide stock markets continue to plunge. In that sort of situation, I would have suggested McCain start coming up with popular policies to alleviate the economic crisis. But instead, the McCain campaign wants us to turn the page on the economy and start focusing on how Obama is a dangerous liberal that hangs out with a**holes like former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and the controversial Rev. Wright. The implication: Obama is a terrorist that is going to destroy America.

Uh huh. Sure.

Well, McCain tried that Clintonian line of attack starting late last week, but the economy wouldn’t budge from the headlines. Then Tuesday night an odd thing happened, McCain didn’t bring up Ayers or Wright at all. Was this a shift in McCain’s strategy? Did he realize his attacks were getting him nowhere? Nope.

It turns out McCain didn’t bring them up because he’s a coward, too afraid to make his scurrilous charges to Obama’s face. Check out this ad linking Ayers and Obama that McCain released yesterday morning:

Now, to be fair, in the midst of all this negative mud McCain is throwing, his campaign did offer up a new plan to buy everyone’s failing mortgages from the banks. Unfortunately, his plan is being panned by both conservatives and liberals.


  1. Ian

    As Jon Stewart so eloquently put it, “It turns out underneath McCain’s gloves was a softer pair of gloves.”

    And why should we buy the mortgages off of these people? I’m sorry, I don’t care if these people lose their houses. Now I know certain people lose their houses cause of mounting medical bills or something. That sucks, and thats not really the issue here in this crisis. The issue is people with bad credit signed up for bad loans and can’t make the payments. Buyer beware. Don’t live outside your means and then expect the government to come in and save you. You signed the contract. Certainly the banks who took on these loans are suffering too and they are equally at fault, but “luckily” for them, they are essential to keeping the economy running. Not all of them came out smelling like roses either.

  2. Andrea

    My mom made the same argument about equality. She is pissed b/c she fought and stressed to pay her mortgage and would not receive any assistance from these proposed mortgage buy ups.

  3. Ian

    Exactly. I lived in an apartment for the first 17 years of my life cause we couldn’t afford a house. My mom pays her bills now and doesn’t get any handouts. We don’t feel like were owed anything. That’s just life. You buy what you can afford.

  4. Chris

    Well, it certainly doesn’t make sense to buy them up, as McCain proposes, at their pre-collapse (aka inflated) values. Maybe the prices are too low right now, but that’s just too bad.

    The liberal plan was to buy up the mortgages from the banks at their new firesale prices, and then renegotiate the terms of the mortgage so people wouldn’t default on them. They would still owe the same amount of money, they could just take much longer to pay it off, because the government could be willing to wait 100+ years to see the mortgage paid off, whereas a bank wouldn’t be willing to do that.

    I think?

  5. Diane

    I wonder why McCain is supporting this now unless he thinks he can buy these people’s votes?

    I don’t want to hear about “conservative” values any more.
    They are not conservative by any definition and they don’t have any values any more. They have sold their collective soul to the devil(Bush/Cheney).
    Good luck getting it back.

  6. Chris

    It is a bit odd to see McCain, who’s made a moral crusade about wasteful earmarks (which make up approximately 1% of the federal budget) so ready to add billions of dollars to our national debt without really making a strong case for why it’s necessary to do it his way.

    To be honest, that same criticism goes for the 1st bailout that Obama and McCain supported.