Dispatches from the Twilight Zone

PHOTO: Equinox?

The McCain campaign has been a little reality-challenged lately. Here are some fun examples for you kids:

1) Sarah Palin when asked about the Palin-Troopergate report released Friday:

I’m very very pleased to be cleared of any legal wrongdoing … any hint of any kind of unethical activity there. Very pleased to be cleared of any of that.

And here is Rick Davis, McCain’s campaign manager, responding to a similar question:

The reality is there was absolutely no wrongdoing found in the report — 1,000 pages — an enormous waste of time — and the best they could come up with was: no violations of any kinds of laws or ethics rules.

Here are exact words from the bi-partisan report:

I find that Governor Sarah Palin abused her power by violting Alaska Statute 39.52.110(a) of the Alaska Branch Ethics Act.


2) John McCain thinks being down by nearly 8 points nationally is a great place to be. He says, “We’ve got them just where we want them.”


3) GOP propagandist – and one of Dubya’s biggest fans – William Kristol called for McCain to fire his campaign staff and start running as a centrist. Apparently he knows a sinking ship when he sees one.

So now, according to McCain surrogate Nancy Pfotenhauer, Kristol is in the bag for Obama:

Sometimes [Kristol is] brilliant and sometimes he’s not. I think unfortunately he’s bought into the Obama campaign’s party line.

Feel free to read Kristol’s New York Times columns if you don’t realize the ridiculousness of that accusation.

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  1. Andrea

    This is the recap of Keith’s show. Did you see Rachel getting dissed by Bush’s ex-speech writer? Little prick…

  2. Chris

    Pffft. I wrote this stuff before Keith’s show… more of a recap of TalkingPointsMemo 🙂

    Bush’s speech writer, David Frum, did try to smackdown Rachel Maddow last night, but didn’t quite succeed. He has a good point about how vapid news coverage is on cable networks, but his complaints would have been just as appropriate on any other cable news broadcast. Incessant coverage of the horse race and political maneuvering, very little insight into the effects of proposed legislation and government action or inaction.

  3. Ian

    I think some GOP’s are jumping off McCain’s ship because they perceive him to be a guaranteed loss. Like they do with Bush now, they want to try and show themselves to be different and better than how McCain represents them. Remember Limbaugh’s whole deal after the Democrats took control of Congress, to paraphrase: “Oh thank God I don’t have to act like I’m on the side of those idiots any more. They weren’t good republicans.” I’m not trying to say that every registered Republican should support their candidate (I obviously think the opposite), but the timing of people abandoning McCain is questionable. He’s the same out of touch candidate he was earlier this year, just now its looking more certain that Obama will win.