The real estate industry can rejoice

Great news for the depressed real estate market, there is a big new player shopping around:

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. plans soon to sign a major lease of office space in Orange County, probably in Irvine, where as many as 600 people would liquidate the assets of troubled banks and thrifts based in California and other Western states. …

“It’s a temporary office – three to five years is what we’re looking at,” [spokesperson] Barr said Tuesday.

What one hand giveth, the other taketh away.


Also, if you get a chance check out Ron Paul predicting our current economic crisis in 1999. In 1999! It seems to me that instead of writing Ron Paul off as crazy, more people should pay attention to what he says. He’s obviously a smart person that holds well thought out – if wildly unpopular – positions.

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  1. Ian

    Ron Paul is the GOP’s Dennis Kucinich. Is his wife as disproportionately hot?