A vewwwy scaawwy political ad

I apologize to my loyal readers that may be faint of heart but I’m going to have to scare you the day before Halloween. Witness this political ad courtesy of Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-NC):

There have been some ridiculous political advertisements this year (I’m talking to you, John McCain), but this one really takes the cake. It’s so beyond ridiculous that it crosses the line into self-parody. For starters, at the end of the video, while Democratic challenger Kay Hagan is pictured, there is a female voice that says “there is no god.” That voice is not Kay Hagan’s.

Also, would it surprise you to know that Kay Hagan goes to church and actually teaches Sunday school?!

The Hagan campaign has now announced they’re seeking a cease-and-desist order, charging that the ad would lead a viewer to believe that it’s Hagan herself declaring there is no God — when in fact she’s a regular churchgoer and Sunday school teacher. “Elizabeth Dole is attacking my strong Christian faith,” Hagan told reporters.

For the sake of argument, let’s take this ad and Dole seriously. Our Given economy is crumbling, and our military is badly stretched, but Dole wants us to worry about athiests trying to take the religious verbage off of our money. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t care what decorations they put on our money, but I am worried that I recently lost tons of it in the stock market.

If you’re in NC, it’d probably be smart to vote for Kay Hagan and get Dole out of office, and if you’re outside of NC, you can always donate to Hagan.


  1. Ted

    dude… the whole republican campaign has become a laughing stock… at least to us belonging to the marginally educated crowd. you know they’ve got to realize exactly what they’re doing but they only keep doing it because it actually works on a large percentage of retarded america.

    on the other hand, what’s also awesome is that republicans are starting to now see that they and their stupid princess Palin might lose the presidential election, by alot. so in order to not look like the dumbasses that they are, their starting to admit defeat and look towards “Palin 2012.” YEEEEE-HAWW!!!

    on yet another hand, did anyone see this?


  2. Ian

    Joe the Plumber: “A vote for Obama is a vote for the death of Israel!” Then when asked why he would say such a thing, given that Obama has long said he would be a friend of Israel, Joe replies to the Fox News man, “I will leave it up to your viewers to looks into why I would say that.” Even the Fox News guy said “People like that are scary,” when referring to Joe. I saw McCain this morning defending Joe, saying that attacks from the left against Joe were attacks against small businesses everywhere. Let’s forget for a moment that Joe doesn’t even make $250K, doesn’t have a plumbers license, has recently been given a book deal and had people pay off his unpaid back taxes for him. How is this guy the model symbol of small business?

    I think the big question for the Republicans is what to do now. Will they continue down this moronic path of trying to divide the country by talking about guns, religion, gays, and abortion, or will they return to their conservative roots and try to appeal to everyone in the country? I think had McCain stayed on message, and by that I mean his message from maybe 4+ years ago, and picked a running mate who had some knowledge of the economy (Romney), this race would probably go his way. In some sense, I’m glad that he chose to pander cause it made it easier for the Democrats. In another sense, I wouldn’t mind the Republicans being a little more reasonable.

  3. Chris

    Nice clip Ted, but as a commenter points out, it’s easy to find three random idiots on the street.

    Don’t start celebrating too soon Ian…