Election 2008 Results Liveblogging

SCREENSHOT: Your election state of mind

NBC just called it for Barack Obama. This insanely long election is finally over! I don’t know what to say. It’s hard to believe actually.

Not happy that McConnell won… but Ian I think it’s safe to drink now. At least it is for me…

I don’t see how Obama loses this one. He’s already got 199 electoral votes in his column. He needs 270. If you give California to Obama, then he only needs 16 more. He only needs to win two more states out of Oregon, North Carolina, Virginia, Arizona, Florida, Missouri or Colorado.

I hope I don’t come to regret writing that last paragraph 🙂

Obama has won Ohio. Karl Rove says a Republican has never won without Ohio. This is getting awesome. I wonder why they haven’t called NC for Obama yet?

Reports are that Kay Hagan has won the Senate seat belonging to Elizabeth Dole. It’s good to see that Dole’s fearmongering advertising didn’t help.

Results are coming in and stuff.

All exit polls and turnout information is unreliable, so we still have some waiting to do before the real fun begins.

If you’re bored, I have a couple of web browsing suggestions:

  1. Someone has already setup a website campaigning to impeach Obama.
  2. Take some time to reflect on just how bad George W. Bush has been as our prez.

Also, keep in mind, that if Obama wins, a flood of people on TV will be telling you that he has no mandate for liberal/left agenda, by contrast if McCain wins, they’ll say it’s a mandate for a rightwing agenda. It’s a heads I win, tails you lose sort of thing.

The truth is that the sitting president, a Republican, is deeply unpopular in large part because of his rightwing policies. Obama, meanwhile, has run on a platform of change. Change on Iraq, change on healthcare, change on energy, etc. And the change he promised wasn’t more rightwing, it was clearly to the left of the current direction of the country. With that in mind, it doesn’t make sense that his mandate is to do the same things a Republican would do as president. That would be deeply disrespectful to the vast majority of Obama’s supporters who bought into his theme of change.

Graphic based on a screenshot of the NY Time’s State of Mind interactive web app


  1. Ian

    I feel like I should have a drink or something in Obama’s honor.

  2. Ian

    Got my Jameson and ginger ale!

  3. Ian