Go vote

PHOTO: Statue of Truman holding the Tribune that famously said \'Dewey Defeats Truman\'

If you haven’t already voted, go do it.

No matter who you vote for and no matter what happens the next four years, at least you can say you did the bare minimum to try to point this country in the right direction.

Flickr photo by swanksalot


  1. Ted

    My polling place was CUNY campus at 5th ave & 35th st, basically right across from the Empire State building.

    I went at 3:00pm and there were about 5 other people there. Absolutely no line. I was in and out in less than 2 minutes.

    I really hope this is a landslide, but part of me still thinks there’s a chance it will be closer than we all think.

  2. Chris

    Did you have to use one of those ancient lever voting machines?

  3. Ted

    YES… wtf