Open letter to Congressional Democrats concerning the auto industry

Dear Congressional Democrats,
I know you’re planning to bailout the Detroit automakers.

Don’t do it.

The Big Three deserve to fail.


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  1. Diane

    We stopped buying American made cars when we decided to look at quality cars with good/better gas mileage.

    And guess what? They were not American made.

    We have a Prius and get up to 52 mpg on trips and 42-48 around town.
    We just bought a Rav4 and get a comfortable ride, better gas mileage and reliability.

    Why should we bail out the car makers? I thought that was the beauty of our system, rewarding competence?
    Why do we consistently reward incompetence and greed in this country.
    If we end up giving them money there should be major strings attached, more efficient cars, now!!!

  2. Ian

    I think its tricky subject. I agree that the US auto industry has made their own bed with poor decisions for decades now. Unfortunately, lots of people work in the auto industry and could lose their jobs (more than already have). I don’t know if I believe a factory worker should be the one to suffer for poor decisions by an executive. If the US auto industry could be turned around, it could be a nice boost in jobs and our overall economy. So helping them isn’t 100% bad. I don’t think our government should just give them a wad of cash and just hope for the best. If the taxpayers are going to foot the bill for building these companies back up, we deserve something in return and we deserve some sort of oversight. The auto industry should have to payback all money with interest and, until they have done that, the government should get some control over their executive decisions. There should be no large layoffs to cut costs while the auto industry receives government funds either.