Please, don't overreact

Photo: Mumbai Railstation Aftermath

In the aftermath of the terror attacks in Mumbai, India I feel a mix of outrage and horror at the violence and sympathy for the victims. I’m sure many of you have felt similarly, and I’m certain that Indians have the experienced the same emotions but magnified.

Bin Laden created the same atmosphere in America with 9/11. That atmosphere was exploited by Bush-Cheney when they created their War on Terror, and its offshoot – the Iraq War.

I hope India doesn’t follow our path. India’s response should be precise and within international legal and moral norms.

The essential Juan Cole has more in his outline of the mistakes of the American government and how India can avoid them.

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  1. Ian

    It will be difficult for India to do what the US did. They have so many people and so much of their infrastructure doesn’t have the capability to be monitored like our own (transportation for example). We all need to be more wary that this doesn’t lead to problems with Muslim nations like Pakistan, seeing as how both countries have nuclear weapons.