Prince? Really?

Could Prince be *gasp* the greatest guitar player evah?

Check out this video of him playing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” as part of a George Harrison tribute concert (wait till after the 3 minute mark for Prince to take center stage):


  1. Ian

    Short answer: No.

    For an interesting bit of info about Prince:

    I typically see drawn out guitar solos as masturbatory, and well, Prince frequently positions his guitar to make it look that way throughout.

  2. Chris

    Guitar solos can be “masturbatory” but they can be cool too… like Prince’s in the video I posted.

    But whatever you think of solos, they are often the best showcase of virtuosity.

    P.S. That article you posted makes Prince sound even more awesome.

  3. Ian

    What the whole “against homosexuality” thing?

  4. Chris

    I was joking! Jeeze!