Wednesday Blogging – 12/10/08

Good morning! What’s in the news today?

By the way, who knew it was possible for two people to eat out in NYC for less than $100?!?!!?!? Me and my McDonald’s breakfast are shocked.

I wanted to write about the Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and his dastardly corrupt schemes, but the entire story is like something out of a bad cartoon.

Michelle Malkin smackdowns are always fun.

More money down the hole for the fine folks at AIG. You’re welcome.

From FOX News: President-elect [Obama] joins calls for Illinois governor to resign, saying he can’t ‘effectively do his job’

Come on, this isn’t newsworthy! And I’m not picking on just FOX News, this is the top story on MSNBC right now too.

Book review of the day.

Good to see the Yankees actually spending those millions on pitchers. The Red Sox need to be put in their place, and nothing is sweeter than watching the Yankees lose in the World Series.


  1. Andrea

    OMG, $100 for two in one night? You could go to the Angus Barn for that and have a special evening. This chic did that five nights in a row in NY! People really live like that? I’m so sheltered. When can I move to NYC?

  2. Ian

    Yo dog, its Wednesday.

    I’ve had some awesome food in China Town for under 15 bucks for me and my fiancee. Also, screw Angus Barn, go to Magnolia Grill or Nana’s.

  3. Chris

    My parents are against going to the Magnolia Grill because of some misplaced fear and hatred of the chef. They, of course, have never actually been there.

  4. Ian

    What’s wrong with the chef there? I went and the food was great. Nana’s has better dessert though.

  5. Chris

    He won’t serve certain wines with certain meals. There was a review that said he wouldn’t take the bacon off a salad for a vegetarian.

  6. Denise

    Why you picking on my governor?? At least he knows his Monday blogging should happen on Monday!

  7. Chris

    Oh crap! I guess that’s what I get for using “copy & paste”

  8. Ted

    the guys on ATH (or PTI) made a good point though, about how the yankees and mets keep asking the city for more money, just so they can spend these outrageous amounts on players (F-rodriguez & sabathia most recently)… and how is that possible in this economy…

  9. Chris

    It’s certainly true that municipalities should stop paying for new stadiums when the old ones are just fine or could be upgraded for a fraction of the cost of starting over.

  10. Ian

    I still think it was sacrilege to leave Yankee Stadium. I know it was falling apart, but you could’ve renovated it instead of building a new one. It just fits in with the mentality of the Steinbrenners of spending big for something flashy and ignoring true value. There’s so much tradition in Yankee Stadium. Its where the notion that “World Series or Bust” was formed for them, and they just sold it out.

    And I’m so happy they overpaid CC. Its like A-Rod part 2. Yeah, the guy is phenomenal in the regular season but he’s garbage in the post season and you just locked yourself into paying him for years and years.